Frank Rosaly Cicada Music
on Delmark Records

Frank Rosaly - Centering and Displacement 

Frank Rosaly Solo - COSTRA
on Molk Records
Bradford/Gjerstad Quartet - Silver Cornet
on Nessa Records

Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet
Afterimage on Driff

 Steve Dawson's Funeral Bonsai Wedding

John Dikeman Double Trio
on Monofonus Press

Fred Lonberg-Holm's Lightbox Orchestra - The Drummers

 Dave McDonnell Group
The Dragon and the Griffin on New Atlantis

Jason Roebke Combination
Self Released

Working Hard To Make Your Life Easier -
Improvised Percussion SamplerCastor&Pollux 030

The Young Mothers - A Mother's Work is Never Done
on Tektite Records

 Iñigo Ugarteburu - For The Unknown
on Foehn Records

Young Mothers Sampler
on Tektite Records
rempis percussion quartet - phalanx
on aerophonic records

pandelis karayorgis quintet - circuitous
on driff records

joshua abrams - unkonwn known
on rogue art

nicole mitchell ice crystal quartet
on delmark records
at the hideout on kontrans

fred lonberg-holm's fast citizens
gather on delmark records

josh berman and his gang
there now on delmark records
matthew hale clark
three:four split series
on three:four records

sack on veto records

tres hongos - where my dreams go to die
on prom night/molk records

scorch trio + mars williams - made in norway
on rune grammophon

boris hauf sextet - next delusion
on clean feed records

jason stein quartet on delmark records

steve dawson - live at simons
darren johnston's gone to chicago -
the big lift
on porto franco records

joan of arc - oh, brother
LP on joyful noise

nick mazzarella trio - aviary
thought to sound records

scorch trio - melaza
on LP and CD on rune grammaphon

frank rosaly (solo) - milkwork
limited edition LP and mp3 on contraphonic records

jeb bishop trio - 2009
on better animal recordings

chicago luzern exchange - the hideout
limited edition cdr on molk records
josh abrams - natural information on eremite records

dave rempis
/ frank rosaly duo cyrillic
on 482 music

jason adasiewicz's
rolldown varmint

on cuneiform records

jorrit dijkstra's pilow circles
on clean feed

aram shelton's fast citizens

on delmark records

fred lonberg-holm's lightbox orchestra - live @ the hideout

on kuro neko

fred lonberg-holm's lightbox orchestra - live @ elastic on
kuro neko

steve dawson - i will miss the trumpets and the drums
on undertow music

keefe jackson/frank rosaly - duo
7" 45rpm on white vinyl

limited edition of 500, hand numbered
on molk records

david daniell/douglas mccombs - sycamore

on thrill jockey records

wrekmeister harmonies - made in public spaces
atavistic records

the rempis percussion quartet on not two records
(out soon!)

get in to go out - the paul giallorenzo quintet
on 482 records

the flatlands collective - maatjes
on clean feed records

frank rosaly - puerto rico
on molk records

frank rosaly - solo percussion

jason adasiewicz's rolldown
on 482 records

ingebrigt haker flaten quintet - year of the boar
on jazzland records

toby summerfield's never enough hope
the gift economy on contraphonic records
matana roberts - the chicago project on central control
with jeff parker, josh abrams, fred anderson and von freeman

frank rosaly - milkwork I, II, III
(3 cd solo electro-acoustic set)
on molk records

chicago reader review here

rosaly/stetson duo at heaven
on molk roecords

keefe jackson's
project project
just like this on delmark records

rempis percussion quartet -
on 482 music

copperpot wyla? on ev records

keefe jackson's fast citizens
ready everyday on delmark records

fred lonberg-holm trio -
terminal valentine on

boxhead ensemble - nocturnes
on atavistic records

rosaly solo archives
first recordings/rada remix
on molk records

rempis percussion quartet -
rip tear crunch on 482 records


"solo" on molk records

chicago luzern exchange
- several lights

steve dawson - sweet is the anchor

fred lonberg holm trio -
other valentines on atavistic records

rempis percussion quartet - circular logic on utech recordsdownload the record for free HERE (candy dinner)

boombox babylon on utech records (duets with tim daisy!)